Follow The Coast
the Atlantic coast
from Knokke to San-Sebastian
A visual travel guide along the European Coast
Hardcover, 400-pager, full-colour, 29x24 cm
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'Follow The Coast', a must have for every road trip along the European coast

'Follow the Coast' - the Westcoast of France' - is the first book of our Follow the Coast serie.

It is a visual travel guide mapping the entire Atlantic coast from Knokke - the border between Belgium and the Netherlands - and San-Sebastian - the border between France and Spain.

The guide will cover places to see, villages to visit and hiking routes along the local nature and scenery.


The book, 'written' by runners

We are running the total coastline of Europe. Every day one team will run another part of the journey a 100km Stage - until we complete the total journey close to 100.000km.

This is a challenge never been done before. Apart from challenging ourselves collectively we are building something truly unique: a visual travel guide along the European shores, a book gathering all treasures along the European coast and documenting the stories lived along the way.

We are publishing our first one, documenting 4600 km of coast, with many more books and adventures to come.

A visual travel guide

The 400-pager tells the story of the Atlantic Coast between Knokke (Belgium) and San-Sebastian (Spain).

Famous places like Mont-Saint-Michel, Cap Blanc Nez or Deauville can be found on our camera roll but you'll also discover hidden gems along the rocky Brittanic coast or deep in Charente-Maritime department.

The book is a perfect guide to check before starting a road trip along the coast, a perfect checklist for hikers or cultural bible to learn more about local traditions or secrets.

With more than 100 highlights to see, trails to hike or little villages to stay we aim to combine the beauty of the incredible pictures with the practicality of a guide.


A reminder of natural beauty

There is more. This is not just a book. Not only is the book the result of blood, sweat and tears of hundreds of athletes and a proof that 'anything it's possible'.

The incredible beauty of the nature shown in the book is another reminder to us, the runners and readers, that we can't take such beauty for granted. We take the opportunity to raise awareness for clean beaches. To do more than only symbolical support we committed to donate 10% of our profits to charities related to 'beach preservation'.

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon

Well actually, it's more than that.

We started the project 3 years ago with our first 'trailer video' and quickly added a brand video bringing us to some of the most exciting places in Europe such as the Augstmatthorn and the Mont Ventoux, chasing the golden hours and stunning sceneries.

The 1th July 2019 we were able to run our first Stage and the journey continued further South bringing us to the French / Spanish border. By the time the books hit the stores, more than 100 people will have ran a 100km Stage with passionates coming from Berlin, the US and even Morocco. We've seasoned ultra athletes and friends who like a challenge. We've seen sun and rain, summer and winter.

This journey brings people together with a common goal, beyond their differences. The outlook of the long lasting challenge doesn't frighten us. Sometimes it looks scary but mostly it's a fantastic journey of exploration and discovery, lived by hundreds of people.


Be a part of the journey

A buffet of choices. Whether you would love to run a Stage yourself and discover unprecedented and often untouched beauty, you want to support the project with a small gesture or just appreciate a couple of design books on your living table...

Any support is welcome! Thank you for reading us and being part of this wonderful journey.